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WordPress is the largest self-hosted website content management system in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. It’s ability to empower non-technical users to manage the content of their websites has proved invaluable.

However, as easy to use as WordPress is, it does require a little on-going care and attention to ensure optimum performance and security. The developers of WordPress are continually updating and improving this wonderful platform and it’s plugins. While this is a good thing as it helps with security, speed, performance, functionality and usability, it’s a double edge sword as it means the platform and it’s plugins continually need updating.

These updates are not applied automatically and require a user with administrative privileges to apply them manually via the administration area of the website. Before applying any updates however, the live site should be backed up (just in case it breaks!) and then thoroughly checked and tested once the updates have been applied.

What do I get in the package?

When I take over the maintenance of your site, on a monthly basis I will :

  • update WordPress core files as soon as they are released
  • update Plugins as soon as they are released
  • carry out any reconfiguration as a result of these updates
  • optimise your database, and repair any issues as necessary
  • check security functionality and add any new security if necessary

Daily back-ups will be made of your full website files and stored externally for added security - this enables us to restore the website should any critical issues or hacking occur.

If you own a WordPress website and want to protect your investment but do not want the responsibility, overhead and risks associated with proper website administration & maintenance, then this is the plan for you!

Failure to keep a WordPress (or any other) website up-to-date increases the risk of a security breach. Hacked websites are routinely hi-jacked for the purposes of propagating SPAM links, pornography or can be rendered completely inaccessible. Recovering a previously hacked website is usually not straightforward unless a backup exists and can be restored.

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